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Transform into a top-tier stylist and achieve technical excellence in the industry.
300+ active members
Interactive online training
30+ hours of on-demand content with fresh additions every month
Live-model demonstrations
Unlock trade secrets firsthand with live model examples
Virtual mentorship
Submit your haircuts for analysis and receive expert feedback
Quizzes & assignments
Engaging Jeopardy-style questions and hands-on assignments

An online program without the fluff.

Our interactive online program covers the entire spectrum of hair artistry. From master classic cuts and create trendy styles, learn everything you need to know to attract and retain high-paying clients.

Join a community of 300+ hungry barbers.

Whether you are an established hair professional or a beginner this program is for you.
Los Angeles

“I’ve built a seven-figure brand and salon, and now I’m giving you the tools to do the same.”

Alexi Michael
Founder of LearnToCut & SilverArrow Salon

Say goodbye to…

Tired of competing for the same low-paying clients? At LearnToCut, you will learn what customers value, and how to retain quality clients in the long term.
Low-paying clients
Long hours
Overall burnout
Unhappy customers
Learn-as-you-go attitudes
Quantity over quality

Meet your instructor, Alexi Michael

With over a decade in the industry, Alexi has trained with leading hair stylists around the world, honed his skills through mentorship. Throughout this program, he will teach you everything he knows, every trade secret, and how to build yourself up to $100+ haircuts.

Milan, London, Athens, Dublin, Philadelphia, New York, Chicago, San Francisco, San Jose, Los Angeles, Montreal, Toronto, Thesaloniki, and Crete.


It’s time to level up your cuts.

Reach your full potential and become a top 1% leader in the industry.

See the difference

Our students have gained the confidence and skillset to transform their cuts.

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Each training module is packed with multiple videos, assignments, and exercises.

See how the program helped @hairbydurden

Scaled following

In 2-3 months, we boosted Hairbydurden’s following by 320%, generating more leads and attracting higher-paying clients.

Charged more

With more leads and customers booking appointments with him, Hairbydurden was able to increase his pricing.

Increased revenue

In under 4 months, Hairbydurden’s monthly revenue skyrocketed from $4,000 to $12,000, marking a remarkable 200% increase.

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30+ hours of educational material
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4 hours of new content added monthly
Assignments and quizzes

Grow faster with continuous feedback.

Film your cuts and receive personalized video reviews to accelerate your progress.
Elevate faster with regular feedback
Share your cuts with the community
Track your program advancement

Learn from anywhere.

Progress at your own pace with our app or desktop browser, accessible on all devices.

Years of knowledge, one program.

SAVE $400
Normally $5,000/ yr
Normally $5,000/ yr
+ One-time fee of $499
  • 30+ hours of on-demand training content
  • 300+ active members
  • 4+ hours of new content added monthly
  • Interactive learning modules
  • Step-by-step video demos with live models
  • Live haircutting tutorials
  • Virtual haircut analysis and review

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What is Learn To Cut?
Learn To Cut is the leading hair styling and cutting course for men. For long, the industry has a had a learn as you go attitude that this course looks to change. Here I teach you all the things you need to know to understand mens hair, understand your branding and understand how to scale your own 7 figure hair cutting journey.
Who is Learn To Cut for?
Whether you are an established hair professional or a beginner this course is for you.

All hair cutters no matter their skill level will find use from this course. If you are a beginner you will learn to understand the head and its different shapes and sizes, different hair types, the tools you need, the techniques to use and more.

For more advanced level hair professionals you will learn how to scale your haircuts, understand the business acumen and aspects of a hair salon, learn what customers value, and how to retain your clients in the long term.
How much content is included?
I have worked tirelessly for the last 2 years procuring this course and its contents. It features over 15 hours of content separated into 7 chapters.
Can we learn from you in person?
Of course! Please feel free to message me through the section below or through my Instagram.

I teach hundreds of students a year in person, and for the past 2 years have been training out of my own salon located in Toronto.

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