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     Welcome to LearnToCut.com, the place where ANYONE can learn how to cut hair. This is the only place you can purchase "Learn to Cut Fades, Tapers & Afros" by David Warren vol.1 & 2. You can download the film directly to your computer or you can purchase a copy of the dvd. "I have created barber videos that provide step by step instruction on each haircut as well as working with a variety of hair textures. Each style is broken down into simple phases and you will learn how to cut Fades, Tapers, Afros, Beards, Sideburns, Kids haircut styles, ect... I will also show you the best clippers, guards and attachments to use on each haircut" -David Warren       
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   LearnToCut.com is a LosAngeles based company that is the worlds #1 provider of instructional videos that cater to urban culture and lifestyle.The goal at LearnToCut.com is to teach anyone who is interested in cutting hair the correct and proper way to do it. 

"When I was fourteen years old I figured  out that most people need haircuts and if you do a good job they will pay you to do it again every time they need one"                 -David Warren.
  "At LearnToCut.com we acknowlegde the fact  that cutting hair is a very productive skill that can be used as a part time job, full time job, career or hobby and if you use our videos and handbooks cutting hair becomes very simple. It's not hard, learn how to cut hair today"                  -David Warren
Get your copy of "Learn to Cut Fades, Tapers & Afros" volume 2 by David Warren 
This is a preview from the film "Learn to Cut Fades, Tapers and Afros" 
Volume 2 by David Warren (1hr 23min)
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      Hair is a ten billion dollar a year industry. Millions of people get haircuts everyday. There is a huge demand for qualified barbers and stylists that have mastered the basic fundamentals of cutting and styling hair. Learn to Cut Fades, Tapers and Afros by David Warren shows the correct techniques that will give the viewer a full understanding of each haircut from start to finish. 
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This video will show you how to boost the power in your Wahl Balding Clipper from V 5000 to V9000 and create a custom Wahl V 9000 Balding Clipper. This is the most powerful balding clipper I have ever used, Wahl does not sell this clipper you must make modifications, I will show you exactly what to do.
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Learn to Cut Fades, Tapers & Afros, Volume 2(2011) is the follow up to David Warren's wildly successful 2007 venture, Learn to Cut Fades, Tapers & Afros, Volume 1, an innovative and attentive instructional DVD that details not just how to cut hair, but gives special focus to the process of the craft. As with the original, Learn to Cut Fades, Tapers & Afros, Volume 2 offers well shot, step-by-step instruction in how to cut hair, with a particular focus on the different styles, types, and lengths of hair that a barber will encounter. David Warren is established as an industry leader and, like its predecessor, this installment in the Learn to Cut series is expected to become a staple among both professional schools and the avid self-taught crowd.

Learn to Cut Fades, Tapers & Afros, Vols 1-2 are available for purchase on this site. The films are available in DVD format as well as instant download. David Warren truly gives you all you need to know about breaking into this lucrative and stable field; in addition to the DVDs and instant download, the website also offers an array of barber tools available for purchase. At LearntoCut.com, you will not only learn how to cut hair, but be given the tools to do it well.
Skin Fade
Taper Fade
Dark Ceaser
Low Taper
Low Fade
Razor Line
Beard Trim
Buy DVD (1hr. 23min)
Learn how to Cut the following styles:
-Skin Fade
-Afro Taper
-Low Taper
-Dark Taper
 (Temple Taper)
-Dark Ceaser
-Full Beard Trim
-Faux Hawk
-Pointed Sideburns
-Razor Line Technique
-Detailed Clipper Cutting  
-Guard use
-Freehand Clipper 

G.Ca$$o 9 minute freestyle
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Hair color is a great to addition to any 
haircut when it is performed correctly. 

When you apply hair color, remember the following rules:

   1) Always use a base to protect your clients skin
   2) Make sure your brush & bowl are sanitized
   3) Always use pure water to mix the color
   4) Use gloves
   5) Follow your area of color
   6) "Stay inside the lines"
   7) Evenly apply color 
   8) Wait for the product to dry
   9) Proceed to wash out the excess product 
 10) GET PAID!

Full Beard with a "Natural Line"
No Color, Nothing Extra
Good Clippers
Great Detail
Learn how to cut hair today!
This is a preview of the "Skin Fade" from volume 2  "Learn to Cut Fades, Tapers and Afros' by David Warren
(1 hr 23 min High Definition)
This is my Clipper Set, Tools that I use on a daily basis.
I also provide information on the clippers that I use and how I sharpen blades. At LearnToCut.com every area of Barbering is Studied and Perfected.
How to sharpen T Outliners by David Warren
How to sharpen Andis Masters by David Warren
Here is an example of how sharp the lines are with my AndisT Outliners after I sharpen the blades
(No make up or spray was used to enhance the look of this cut, this is 100% natural haircut) This is how your haircuts will look when your clippers are sharp and you understand the science of Barbering. 
Wahl Senior, How to Change / Sharpen Blades by David Warren
How to Sharpen and Clean "Oster Speed Line" Clippers by David Warren
How to Sharpen the "Wahl Balding Clipper" by David Warren
Wahl Five Star Detailer, Blade Conditioning by David Warren
"Wahl Super Close Shaver" Directions for use by David Warren
Hairline Restoration by David Warren
Low Skin Fade, Razor Line, Step by Step Instructions by David Warren
Low Taper, 360 Waves, Razor Line by David Warren
Andis Phat Master - Product Review
A classic "Kid Haircut" The Curly Afro Taper by David Warren Music by G.Ca$$o
The Oster Fast Feed also known as Oster Speed Line is a great clipper.The only downside to this clipper is that it cannot be "Zero Gapped" unless a customized blade is created by using the cutting blade from a Large Oster blade. In this video I will show you exactly how to do it.
Andis Outlner - Product Review - T Outliner,Styliner 2, M3,Andis SuperLiner, T Liner
Wahl Outliner - Product review - Wahl Hero, Wahl 5 Star Detailer, Wahl Razor Edger
This video shows how to modify the Andis T Outliner to increase power output and maximize blade accuracy.
In this video "Crispy Line Ups" David Warren shows the viewer how to perform detailed work on the outline portion of each haircut.
This is a short film that shows how to perform a Bald Taper / Temp Fade on curly hair.